Sports Medicine




**Performance Evaluations**

are the basis of our program and are a integral part of a diagnostic exam, for optimizing performance and for pre-purchase exams. From this information, we pursue accurate diagnoses, recommend treatment protocols and design therapy programs.

We can combine live performance, video of past and super slow motion video for a nose to tail evaluation, including tack & rider’s influence.
At home, at CBF or at an event

**Lameness Exams
**Neurological Exams
**Pre Purchase exams
**Diagnosis & Management of Muscular disease


**Digital Xray
**Digital Ultrasound
**Serum Amyloid A (SAA~10 minute blood test for infection)


Regenerative Medicine (PRP, IRAP, Stem Cells)
**Performance Dentistry
**Joint Injections

Alternative Therapies

**Laser Therapy

**denotes services that are available by our mobile unit**