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Dr. Kerri Belsito, a native New Englander, graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts in 1997. Throughout high school, college and vet school, she actively participated in the equine industry in the Northeast, focusing on teaching and competing in eventing and dressage. Kerri completed her internship at Chino Valley Equine Hospital, a full service referral facility in Southern California's racing country in 1998. In 1999, she received her MBA from Colorado State. After graduate school, she spent 2 years in private equine practice with a medical and surgical group outside of Portland, OR where she had the opportunity to work with many of the NW's top hunters and jumpers.




  • Dr. Belsito has been our equine vet for nearly 10 years and we could not be more satisfied with her services. She has consistently been available despite when we have called on her, and has been spot on with her diagnoses and subsequent treatment plans for the variety of ailments that our horses have presented. She has educated us on proper horse management, including nutrition, illness/injury prevention and short and long-term maintenance. Additionally, she works with a high-caliber team of other equine professionals to provide a full spectrum of treatments and services. She remains up to date on developments within her field so we always known that we are getting the best possible information. In short, we would recommend Dr. Belsito without hesitation.

    Judy Whichard, Ph.D.

    Phil Dittberner, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Belsito is a passionate individual that offers so much more than veterinary care. Upon my initial meeting with Dr. Belsito, not only was I impressed with her driven staff and impressive facility, but her broad knowledge base and her ability to think outside the box. Dr. Belsito sees each case as unique and offers the critical aspect of looking at the relationship between horse and rider.

    Dr. Belsito truly has something unique to offer. The quality of products and feed she has carefully selected for athletes equine and human alike is impressive within itself. Spend a few moments with Dr. Kerri and you will discover she does believe good nutrition to be the foundation for good health. From her state of the art treatments to the carefully selected details of individual care, Dr. Belsito offers a cutting edge, multi-faceted equine/equestrian center that is appropriate for all horses, disciplines and level of rider.

    Jenna Williams, CMT, CEMT, Licensed Nutritionist

  • In the almost 15 years that I have known Dr. Belsito, I have been consistently impressed at her advocation for the horses and ability to see the big picture. This talent allows Dr. Belsito to see cases from start to finish, integrate practitioners with other specialties, utilizing the team approach in the horses' best interest. She understands where the horses need to be in order to perform at the desired level and seems to be able accurately determine which horses will be able to reach goals and which will not. This is a tremendous value-saving time and money in the long run. I believe Dr. Belsito has found her niche with her sport horse practice incorporating nutrition, physical therapy and rehabilitation tools.

    Deb Brawley, Brawley Farms Jefferson, OR

  • I have known Dr. Kerri Belsito since 1989. During this time I have watched her choose a career, pursue her education and never stop learning. The contributions Dr. Belsito makes on a daily basis to the equine community are admirable. Although her main practice is not in New England, I often use Dr. Belsito as a resource. The power of observation is a strong suit of Dr. Belsito's. She is able to question a situation to obtain a pertinent history and make a short list of items for us to address which is something even talented Docs who have the advantage of standing in my barn aisle have been unable to do. Save yourself from headaches and add Dr. Belsito to your team!

    Jennifer Tousignant, JD Rhodes Farm Sutton, MA



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