Each horse is assessed and all practitioner information is considered. A determination is made on whether or not more diagnostics are necessary to gain a full picture of the horse’s nutritional requirements. This includes an in depth look at gastric and hind gut health which is now known to be necessary for proper immune function, pain control, growth and healing. Treating the GI system requires nutritional support and often medication.

We balance forage first. All our hay is tested by Equi-Analytical, Ithaca, NY.

We start with high quality grass hay
Alfalfa may be supplemented on a case by case basis
Soaked beet pulp is used as a staple for fiber and gut health

Kentucky Equine Research and Hallway Feeds fed exclusively ReLeve, ReLeve Concentrate, All Phase, Ovation, Luminance

In our facility,
Grains are fed 2-3X per day
Forages are fed a minimum of 4 X daily

We evaluate the need for supplements and recommend one of the proper category and value

Horses achieve higher quality healing and increased level of performance in less time when these practices are in place.

For performance horses, this is
natural and legal
performance enhancement

Dr. Belsito is also available for off site nutritional consultation either for individual horses or farm programs and

our gastroscope is now 100% mobile!