Human Athlete

For the Human Athlete

Positive, supportive, non cluttered environment where you can concentrate on healing and reaching your goals

Peace of mind that your horse is pampered even when you can not be here Health coach, physical therapist and massage therapist work with our team to maximize your partnership
(These services may be reimbursable from your health insurance!)

Video services as part of our Performance Evaluations
We utilize super slow motion video to evaluate horse and rider (1000fps)

Lounge w/ WIFI & TV
Indoor restroom w/shower
Coffee Bar
Large Tack Room
Trailer Parking

The team at CBF is also interested in your input on clinicians, clinic topics and has the space to house extra horses and people for short periods of time.

The Berthoud Inn and Events Center, Berthoud, CO
is a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in town with an excellent chef where guests can be pampered.